Sunday, February 10, 2008

Evil Sorcerers

While some join the fight in the UHC, others choose to create havoc within the UH. They fall into the orders of the dark arts. They too use to be human, but they gave away their heart and soul in exchange for financial gain.

One is the dark sorcerer, known as Malattorney. With their deception and mind tricks, they can disable many of those that fight in the UHC. The UH has counter the attacks with the white magic of the Defattorney. They are well versed in the games of the heartless Malattorney and can counter their deceptive moves. Both receiving training at the Schola fallaciosus verbalis, where they learn the art of twisting words and the use of the slippery tongue.

Another predator of the UH is the IAINTPAYIN (or IAP). It is believed that these vicious beasts were never human. They may be actually artificial intelligence. They have never actually been seen, but have been heard through phone lines. They directly attack the funding source for the MHs. This has disabled many of the MH sects. It has yet to be countered very well. There have been some attempts made by the humans that support the MHs. The effects have yet to be seen.

The external influences on the UHC are something never taught in the SM and can cause significant changes in the abilities of the different MH sects.


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