Saturday, February 9, 2008

Schola Medica

The decision is made somewhere between birth and secondary education. Some made the decisions based on good experiences they have had in the UH and others based on family history. They have the opportunity stay in the human race but chose to go to their calling. They give up their rights to a life with some sense of normality and go into a world that will completely absorb them. For some, their spirit is destroyed by the transformation; and others by the war itself. For those who survive, they are given the hardened white coat exterior, the instruments of their chosen sect, and the emotionless face. Most are supported by humans outside of the war. The human left in them is refueled with the emotions of their loved ones to return to battle the next day. Their journey begins with what is known as the Schola Medica (SM).

In the Schola Medica, the humans are given the bland short white robes used for showing their lowly rank. This is were it begins. They receive the basic training in what they will need for battle. They gather tools that are used in the battles and learn each tool's positives and negatives. Some of the MH's use specific tools as a part of their fighting styles. One of these instruments is call the Litthman (a primary weapon of the Physicians). Another is knowns as the cultrate (a primary weapon of the Surgeons). The SM provides them the origins of the different fighting styles. They develop their fighting styles over the four years in the SM.

In the SM, there are 2 separate yet equal teachings. One is known as Allopathia. This has been considered for many years to be the dominant creator of the MHs. The second is known Osteopathia. Once considered outcasts, Osteopathics have gained prominence over the last 2 decades. Today, the differences between the 2 can only be distinguished by a the Osteopathics slight tinny twang in their speech. Regardless of the path training, the transformation to MH occurs over a period of 4 years.

Over 4 years, humans are gradually transformed into Medical Humanoids through a number of trials and tasks. It is during this time they are given their initial ratings. They receive scores in Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. The scores received during this time make them more or less attractive to the different sects of the MH race.



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