Saturday, February 9, 2008


In the hospital galaxy, there has been a war that has been fought for many centuries. All of those involved began as human, but chose to under go the transformation to Medical Humanoid (MH). They have given up their rights from the human race, such as normal working hours and sleep schedules, to join in the centuries old war in University Hospitals (UH) known as the University Hospital Crusades (UHC).

In the UH, they once lived in harmony. They called themselves Physicians. All practicing from the books of Hippocrates and Asclepius. Treating the ill humans with a combination of treatments and beliefs developed over the ages and past down generations. These beliefs went unquestioned.

Outside of the UH and behind storefronts with candy cane poles, there was another philosophy of treating the ill. The Physicians called them barbarians; they called themselves Surgeons. They believed in treating by the blade.

It was when these 2 beliefs collided in the UH that the Crusades began. These are their stories.



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