Sunday, February 10, 2008

Training at the SC occurs over the four years. The first phase of teaching is done over 2 years. It is known as Route Memorization (RM). During these years, humans receive training the the basic skills sets important to both the Physicians and Surgeons. This is an education on the concepts but not the techniques.

During the first year, humans learn from the old testament textbooks. They learn the teachings from the original publications of the Physicians and Surgeons. These are the basis from which all of the sects evolved. Most of the books are torn and tattered from many years of use. Because of the increase in the usage of these textbooks, the information has been translated into easily used computer based texts known as Pubmedicus. Using these alternate text books, students begin their transformation.

The students are educated in a number of fields which help them to develop skills. They learn Anatomie from the teachings of Galen and Vesalius. Courses like Biochemica challenge the even brightest students with its Cycle of the Kreb. Other teachings, such as Ontogeny, challenge with the volume of complex information. Microscopic eyes are developed in the training for H&E. The study of Pasteurism gives them knowledge of the microscopic organisms of infection. A course in Cytoplasmica is the start of the physical transformation into medical humanoid. In this course, the students cells are directly effected and a transformation is forced. This begins the transformation from basic human structure to MH.

During the second year, the previous year skills are brought together. They are taught the inner working between the different skill sets. The skills from the different sects are taught. Here they begin the formal transformation. Students begin to lose the outward signs of a human being and begin to have a medical humanoid appearance. Exposure to the August Wilhelm von Hofmann Solution has hardens their faces. The dark circles of sleep deprivation begin to arrive. Their vision is burred by exposure florescent lights and their skin pales due to the lack of sun. As time passes, the characteristics become more permanent. By the end of the year, they forever lose the ability to pass as a human being.

At the end of the second year, their abilities are then challenged with a series of trials, known as the Stepone Trials (S1T). These series of trials give the students their initial intelligence rating and makes them more or less desirable for the different sects of MH teachings. After the ST, they may to visit their families for one final time before the final transformation.



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